Steve and JoAnn Ward

Steve Ward

Chief Executive Officer

JoAnn Ward

President & Master Matchmaker
Master Matchmakers is a high end personal service that has been coaching and matching single men and women for more than 20 years. Founded by JoAnn Ward in Philadelphia, the company is still family owned and operated by her and her son, CEO Steve Ward out of Palm Beach, Florida. From 2009 to 2013 this one-of-a-kind team of matchmakers showcased their talents as the Hosts and Executive Producers of VH1's Tough Love. Over six seasons the Wards eventually steered over a hundred men and women into healthy, happy relationships. As authors of, Crash Course in Love Steve and Joann literally wrote the book on love. Frequently featured in the press as thought leaders and industry experts this generational force continues to pioneer solutions for singles with their latest endeavor Love Lab, a mobile application for verifying people are who they say they are before going on a date.
Client Relations
Cindy Pinkus
Client Relations Coordinator
Cindy and Joann have been friends for over twenty years. After raising four children (three now in college and one soon to graduate high school) Cindy is more focused than ever on her extracurricular passions. She has always been an active volunteer and member of her community and has spent an entire career in customer and client relations. Her days in matchmaking began while operating a very popular restaurant with her husband and casually introducing customers to each other. A handful of these matches have resulted in marriages and her friendships with many of those customers still exist today. While working with Joann and Steven, Cindy is learning to perfect her intuition and understand what it takes to make a match. Professionally she has developed many successful romantic relationships and her presence in our Philadelphia region is more valuable each day.
Heather Miller-Hesson
Executive Assistant
Heather was born and raised in South Florida where she pursued a career in the art, beauty, and natural healing field. Now residing in Denver, CO, she hopes to fulfill her passion for helping others achieve their ultimate happiness as a part of the Master Matchmakers family. Her positive intent, dedication to client satisfaction and love for life naturally complement the company. “The passion the Wards have for love and life is an inspiration. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work and grow with Master Matchmakers and learn from the best."
Monica Ward
Executive Director of Client Relations
Monica Ward is a second generation Master Matchmaker® like her brother, CEO of Master Matchmakers® Steven Ward. She's been immersed in the family business since its inception by her mother, JoAnn Ward. Monica is most certainly her mother's daughter when it comes to matchmaking having occasionally been on the receiving end of her brother's and mother's "Tough Love". The "no nonsense" Ward family culture has undoubtedly been passed on to Monica and much like her brother, it has made her mature and develop her own interpersonal skills to be able to match our clients effectively. Monica earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology from Temple University and hopes to one day also be an authority on human behavior.
Kim DiSilvestro
Executive Director of Matchmaking
Kim is a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelor's degree in business with concentrations in marketing and finance. She has been happily married for nineteen years, has two teenage children and knows how much work and commitment is needed through all of life's ups and down to sustain a lasting relationship. Kim has known the Wards for many years and consider them close, personal friends. "I have always admired the natural instinct that JoAnn and Steven have for matching people so successfully.” In the past eight years Kim has worked closely with hundreds of clients to bring them into the committed relationships they have sought after. "I feel so happy to be a part of these matchmaking miracles. I can say with all my heart that I love going to work every day; it's such an adrenaline rush to help people find their soul mates."
Grace Vergis
Grace is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor’s degree in business and psychology. She was raised in Toronto, Canada, now lives in Florida and has an undeniable passion for helping empower men and women. Grace lives each day to inspire others to create a life full of wealth, health, loving relationships, and happiness. She is 100% committed to bringing people together and help them develop forever-lasting love.
Tara Makhani
Matchmaking Assistant
Tara is a recent graduate from UC Irvine with a Bachelors in Psychology and Social Behavior and hopes to continue her education in Relationship Psychology and Therapy. From a very young age, she was passionate about her first love - singing, and quickly learned the ingredients required to produce and build a brand. It wasn't until college until she found her second love- romantic relationships. Intrigued by her relationship courses, she began to do research on attraction as well as an internship at an assault resource center. When she was introduced to the show "Tough Love," however, she developed her newfound passion for matchmaking and love coaching, and began channeling and building these through her dating advice blog, dating app internships, marketing jobs, and in her every day interactions--all this so that she would one day be equipped to work for this dream company. She is extremely excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Master Matchmakers family, and hopes to marry her current knowledge with the experience she gains under the mentorship of Steve and the rest of the staff, and leave her mark with this company.
Carol Johnson MS, CWS, CHES
Professional Counselor and Coach
Carol brings a unique and whole picture perspective to the art of personal relationships with a blend of a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Kentucky, a Master’s degree in Public Health from Western Kentucky University, and post graduate work in Nutritional Sciences and Health Education. In addition, she is a Certified Wellness Specialist and Certified Health Education Specialist. As a former Wellness Director, she produced award winning programs, curricula, and publications for college students and faculty. Her teaching passion and expertise in dating, relationships, and sexual health issues thrives on bringing people toward healthy relationships and has a “tell it like it is” philosophy that fits in well with Master Matchmakers.

Carol believes that a healthy relationship can provide every person with a true sense of well-being and self-actualization in life. As a testament to this belief, she has been married for over 18 years, has a 12 year old son and focuses on being a student in life, listening to others and offering her years of experience in a holistic life-balance approach. Carol lives in California outside of Silicon Valley and loves to hike, bike, run and is the support crew for her husband’s ultra-marathon training and competitions. It is through these experiences of being part of a spousal team she has an innate ability to provide individuals the knowledge, skills and tools to be in a happy and successful relationship.
Denise Sadjian Curcio MS
Professional Counselor and Coach
Denise is passionate about coaching individuals toward discovering their unique blueprint for an authentic life of self-fulfillment and overall well-being. As a trained marriage and family therapist, life purpose and executive coach, certified hypnotherapist and vocational counselor, Denise draws upon her extensive professional experience and research to identify and strengthen a client's innate well-being quotient: natural strengths and talents, passions, motivations, life purpose, values, resilience and self-esteem. She believes that truly healthy love relationships are integral to an individual's well-being. Honoring what makes us unique and innately content transforms us into self-actualized individuals able to attract our healthy counterpart in a mate and ultimately a lasting, wholesome relationship The added benefit ~ people in healthy long-term relationships report higher levels of happiness, fewer health problems and longer life spans! Denise's goal is to identify with each client as a unique individual who will benefit greatly from this highly personalized approach to matchmaking, so their dream of coupling with a lifelong mate can become reality. Denise resides in picturesque Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband of twenty-one years, three children and three English Creme Golden Retrievers.
Victoria Marino LMHC
Professional Counselor and Coach
Victoria (Tori), grew up in a small, rural, upstate New York town. She spent a significant amount of her 20’s pursuing a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology at SUNY Albany and Marist College, respectively; followed by post graduate hours providing individual, family, and group counseling to youth and their families, all culminating in a License in Mental Health Counseling. From there, she continued her work in an outpatient clinic, specializing in youth on probation and those that caused sexual harm. This niche has helped enhance her ability to dance the line between empathy and confrontation with training in Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Tori currently lives in Brooklyn, NY helping adults on Public Assistance find employment. As a person who values love and relationships above all else, Tori is excited to put her skills to work in an imaginative way, helping others gain the skills to enrich their dating experience and work towards building long-lasting loving relationships.
Kelly Sunday MS, NCC, LPC
Professional Counselor and Board Certified Coach
As a Board Certified Coach and Nationally Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor Kelly consults with Master Matchmakers to support the effort to advise our members and clients in matters of love both effectively and responsibly. Kelly will assist Master Matchmakers specifically in addressing more sensitive dating and relationship matters. As a happily married mother of four and family friend Kelly shares JoAnn and Steve’s belief that we can always improve ourselves and our situations. With love and focus Kelly believes anything is possible. Her goal is to enable people to not only be perceived as attractive as they can be but to also be able to see the potential for a healthy, happy relationship while avoiding anything less.
Erika Kim CPT, HHC
Health and Wellness Coach
A New Jersey native, Erika Kim immersed herself in the world of holistic health, replanting her roots on the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. Embracing the concept of whole-life wellness, she is both a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer and Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She received cutting-edge training from highly accredited professionals in the field including Geneen Roth, Paul Pitchford and Neal Barnard. Through non dogmatic fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching techniques, she promotes an improved overall sense of wellbeing, honoring the individual. Erika firmly believes that everyone deserves happiness, good health and love that starts with the self and branches outwards. Her practice is focused on the uniqueness of each person with an all-encompassing approach to creating happiness, balance and peace in life. She is looking forward to using her skills and positive energy to help others to first become the most vibrant version of themselves and then go on to find that perfect someone to share their lives with.