Steve Ward, CEO

Steve Ward, CEO


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For outstanding singles in all 50 states. 

1) Complete this form and you'll be emailed a password to our private client area to add your photos, profile and criteria for a match.

2) We contact you to schedule a free phone consultation and determine your fee based on your needs and budget.

3) When you sign up we initiate your background check, meet face-to-face then begin making guaranteed* matches.

Your information is always kept strictly confidential.


*Our Guarantee. Under the law, we cannot guarantee or promise any results from our service. Nothing in what we say or do can be construed as a guarantee about the outcome of your experience. Our past or future comments about the outcome of your experience or our opinions are not guarantees. Any estimate of fees we give you is not a guarantee. Actual fees may vary from the estimates given. Our guarantee is that the information we provide regarding other individuals is reliable to the best of our knowledge. If such information is found to be inaccurate we discount the Match and/or Presentation as defined in our Master Services Agreement.