Choose from hand selected matches.

We qualify people for you and arrange personal introductions.


 After getting to know you, we send your photos and profile to people we think you would want to meet and vice versa. 
2. When you accept an introduction we exchange phone numbers so you can get acquainted on the phone before you meet. 


  Whenever you need assistance we're here to help and we count on feedback to achieve the best results.

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You will speak with a representative to determine the right level of service for you. Each experience is customized to suit a client's needs and budget. Prices will be discussed on the call. To be qualified for matchmaking individuals must verify their identity, age, photos and pass a criminal background check.

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Find, form and maintain the ideal relationship with the as-needed advice of a personal coach. Meet face-to-face to identify patterns, break habits, learn from experiences and plan ahead. Throughout matchmaking your coach is there to support, direct and guide you along the way. 


We present your pictures and profile to prospective matches and vice versa. We advocate for you and do our best to create interest. If you accept the match we exchange numbers and expect you to get acquainted and meet. Your feedback will determine the next steps and we'll do our best to facilitate the best possible result.

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Dating can be tough. With guaranteed matches and date feedback we do whatever it takes to guide you into a relationship. Complete our Get Started form and to discuss our matchmaking and coaching options.

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About Us

Joann Ward has over 30 years of experience in the dating service industry. Along with her son, CEO Steve Ward they became internationally known as the Hosts and Executive Producers of VH1 Tough Love

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Where does Master Matchmakers® serve?
No matter where you live in the United States, we have a solution for you. Our matchmakers, coaches, members and clients are located throughout the country. If you are unsure whether or not we have options in your area please don't be afraid to ask. Just complete our Get Started Form and we'll be in contact with you. 
How much do your services cost?
Prices for personal coaching and guaranteed matchmaking vary depending on your needs and budget. We customize the fee and experience based on your circumstances. In your initial conversation with someone from our team we will determine what would be the best program for you. The overall fee will depend on the number of matches and/or coaching sessions purchased, the specificity of the criteria established, the marketability of the client to those they wish to meet, who their coach will be, if any, etc.
How do I sign up?
You begin by completing our Get Started Form. Someone from our staff will contact you to understand what you are looking for and to give you options. Based on your circumstances, needs, budget, criteria, selectiveness, marketability, and other factors you will agree to a fee and an agreement will be drafted. You'll have the opportunity to review the terms and pay through our secured site. After signing up the journey begins and you will be on your way to meeting the love of your life!
How is matchmaking carried out?
If matchmaking is purchased we agree to produce at least a certain number of introductions. Once you are qualified our team will start identifying prospects that meet as much of your criteria as possible. Then they will represent you to those who show the most promise and we have garnered interest in you we will present the potential match. We'll give you photos, profiles and any important details you wish to know. When you accept the match we exchange contact information and expect you to make acquaintances over the phone and arrange to meet. We rely on your feedback as well as the feedback of those you meet to get better and better at making matches along the way.
How is coaching carried out?
Our coaching program was designed to help you find, form and maintain the ideal relationship and the success of our clients speaks for itself. Through face-to-face conversations with your personal coach you will recognize patterns, gain perspective, sharpen your skills, develop a plan for achieving your romantic goals. Your coach is available as needed in between the coaching sessions and throughout the matchmaking experience to be the sword and shield in your love life.
Why do I need Master Matchmakers®?
We represent attractive, eligible singles with full lives, lots of responsibility and little time to waste. Our clients can't afford a high risk relationship or simply don't want to settle for anything less than they deserve. We vet out the misfits for them and introduce our clients exclusively to singles that meet their strict criteria. Our coaching program allows our clients to strike the perfect work life balance and uses a goal oriented approach to finding, forming and maintaining a healthy, happy relationship.
What is Love Lab®?
Love Lab® is free mobile app to prove people are who they say they are before going on a date. Individuals can anonymously self-verify their phone number, email and at least one social media account as well as their photos, age and identity for free. Once fully verified, they can authorize a national criminal background check and show anyone who looks them up by their phone number, email or Love Lab ID that they are who they say they are and that nothing stands out in their past to be concerned about. You can even trade disappearing photo and video messages taken with the camera in the app to sure what you see is what you'll get. To learn more visit the Love Lab website to learn more.