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Private Eyes, They’re Watching You

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I have long cautioned my family, friends and clients alike to be careful how they conduct themselves online or in person, because privacy as we know it, no longer exists. Instead, it has been replaced by the illusion of privacy only waiting to be exposed if it ever needed to be.  Lady Gaga recently filed court documents seeking to bar two people involved in discovering her from sharing information from her past in a lawsuit between the two people. Paula Deen, disgraced celebrity chef has lost millions of dollars from it coming to light that she’s previously used “the N word”. Snapchat, a startup designed to leave no trace of explicit photos or videos when shared is now valued at almost a billion dollars and articles are circulating on the web that prove even this company leaves a trace, albeit a somewhat difficult one to turn up. That hasn’t stopped depraved people from workaround hacks like using one device to capture what’s being displayed on the receiving device even if the sender thinks it’s just a temporary media file. It’s not. This has lead to awful consequences such as the case of, “Audrie Pott, a Saratoga High School sophomore who hanged herself in September…Together with two other episodes recently in the news — a suicide in Canada and a rape in Steubenville, Ohio — the case underscored the seeming callousness with which some young people use technology.”  ("California Teen Commits Suicide after Rape.")

Your every insult, your every post, your every picture, pose, posturing or conversation you have with someone, no matter how private or un-witnessed you think it may be, the odds are that someone, or something, has captured that moment. And y’know what? The odds are only getting better. Does “PRISM” ring a bell? How about the name Eric Snowden? Whatever you think of the man as a person, you can’t turn a blind eye to what he’s revealed – the government and big business work hand in hand to not only ensure everything is captured, by that they all can benefit from it. Everyone. But. You. 

I have been fortunate enough to be chosen as a Google Glass Explorer. Basically, this means I’ve been invited to be an early adopter of Google’s latest technology; wearable glasses that allows the wearer to take photos, record videos, search, have phone calls, text message, hold group video Hangouts, receive news alerts, view explicit material, follow cooking recipes and more. Just the other day I was wearing them at the Beverly Hills Hotel and without anyone noticing I captured a beautiful moment of Russell Crowe playing with his children. Don’t worry Russell, I don’t plan on sharing it with more than the handful of people I’ve shared it with already. Oh crap, it’s in the cloud though? So I guess its not even in my hands anymore. With all their facial recognition and detection algorithms though, I wouldn’t be surprised if ended up being a suggested tag to him. Or worse, Ruppert Murdoch and his cronies might tap into the cloud and seize it without consent. Next thing you know its all over a British tabloid that Russell was with his ex wife and their kids at a swanky hotel pool in Beverly Hills.

Here are 5 tips to not incriminating yourself.

1. Walk away. I thought of making this the last tip, but to acknowledge its importance I’m making it my first. Sometimes things escalate to the point where your ears perk up. You overhear something that sounds so intriguing, that even as a complete stranger you can’t help but notice. Then we look. Our next instinct is to now whip out our PED (portable electronic device – to be all encompassing) and hit the record button. Have you seen how fast Vine and Instagram has shot up in popularity in response to our desires to share public and often what was intended to be private moments with everyone? 

2. No “selfies”. Never under any circumstances record yourself or take photos of yourself, not even if you never intend to share them. It would be very easy for your device to fall into the hands of the wrong person, or worse, for them to sit down in front of a browser you used.  “The Cloud” has interwoven auto-upload and auto-backup more and more into the browsers, operating systems, applications and hardware we use on a daily basis. Even items you may have deleted from your device could still have been “backed up” online.

3. Never consent. Don’t consent to being photographed or recorded doing anything that can be taken out of context under any circumstances. Not in public. Not in “private”. Nowhere. In fact, make sure you’re not being recorded if or when you’re doing anything that can be taken out of context. And, I can’t stress this enough, you have to make it crystal clear that you’re not cool with it because like I mentioned above, you never know when their device could end up in the wrong hands. 

4. Use filters. Don’t you just love all the cool filters you can put on top of photos and videos you upload to Instagram and applications of the like? It makes everything seem so much brighter, or more vintage, or even tasteful. Well, filter your behavior. Filter your words. Live your life with a filter on at all times. Eventually, I’m even gonna recommend filtering your thoughts. 

5. Don’t look for trouble or trouble will find you. It's one thing to be caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s another thing to intentionally be at the wrong place, thinking there’s ever going to be a good time. GPS chips are being built into as many PEDs that as there are cameras being built into them. Information such as META tags will embed details into media files such as when they were created, on what device they were created, and where they were created. This makes it even more important to be careful where you’re going. 

Use these tips and you’re more likely to remain “off the grid” at least insofar as what you’d like to remain to remain off the grid. 

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