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On and Off Relationships

Friday, September 06, 2013

How many of you have been in an “on and off” relationship? I’ve had my share.  Some “on and off” relationships end up lasting the test of time. Others fall apart for very obvious reasons. But the two most important factors that determine whether or not people should commit, and stay committed are timing and circumstance.

Commitment isn’t the “be all end all”.  It’s a stage no different than the stages that come before (casual dating/exclusive dating) and the ones that follow (cohabitation, co-parenting, marriage, etc.).

All relationships go through these stages. We graduate from one to the next and learn volumes about ourselves, and the people we go through them with with along the way.  As Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in Blink, humans have shown remarkable unconscious decision-making skills when it comes to selecting a mate. A mate is notably different than a sexual companion.  But often timing and circumstance interfere which causes us to vacillate in and out of these stages of relationship, progressing, retrogressing, and digressing.

So what’s the difference between each stage?

Casual Dating

When you are casually dating someone, whether you’ve just met them, or you’ve digressed or retrogressed from commitment, to exclusively dating, back to casually dating, the boundaries at this stage are few and far between. No one should waste their time on someone that doesn’t demonstrate communication, respect and trust, but none of those virtues are absolute at this early stage. We selectively demonstrate them in the beginning, but these expectations we place on one another still require boundaries nonetheless. The key to every stage is reciprocity. The rules must be the same for both of you and you must explicitly agree to play by the same rules if you ever expect to progress. These rules change stage-to-stage just like football in college is a lot different than in the pros.

When casually dating you can’t expect someone you’re seeing not to be seeing someone else. If you’d like to have the freedom to see or sleep with whomever you want you have to accept that they have the freedom to do the same. Who you sleep with is none of their business and vice versa, but if you care about this person you put yourself at emotional, social and medical risk when you and someone you’re sleeping with are each sleeping with other people. That’s why the relationships that have digressed or retrogressed to this state, or people that have been casual for an extended period of time, don’t usually last.

The more time you spend with someone the more likely it is for emotions to develop, which is why exes get back together in the first place. It may not be the right time. The circumstances may be all wrong. But often couples will force it to work in fear of losing one another and that often only makes matters worse.

“Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great.” Roger de Bussy-Rabutin

Exclusive Dating 

To insulate ourselves from the risks outlined above we transition from casual dating to exclusively dating before entering into a full-fledged commitment. The number one difference between casual dating and exclusively dating is monogamy. Neither person is expected to be seeing anyone behind the other person’s back and certainly not sleeping with others. Beyond that however, the rules are pretty much the same as the stage before, they are just amplified at this stage because now others are forming expectations of you as an item. Reciprocity. Communication. Respect. Trust.

Relationship oriented men and women usually consider casual dating and exclusive dating to be necessary evils and the penultimate stages to commitment. There are others who are either lifelong singles or serial monogamists that tend to persist longer in these stages and prefer solo dwelling to cohabitation. If you are personally a relationship oriented individual and don’t want to meander in anything less than a meaningful commitment at some point the gauntlet must be thrown down and choices have to be made.


Commitment: com·mit·ment (kəˈmitmənt/)

noun: commitment; plural noun: commitments

  1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
    "the company's commitment to quality"
    synonyms:      dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty,
  2. a pledge or undertaking.
    "I cannot make such a commitment at the moment"
    synonyms:      vow, promise, pledge, oath, contract, pact, deal, decision, resolution, faithfulness, fidelity
  3. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.
    "business commitments"
    synonyms:      responsibility, obligation, duty, tie, liability

When you’ve been exclusively dating long enough not only does the person you’re seeing start to expect commitment, the people in your life and the people in their life expect you to dedicate yourself to this one person as well. Your reputation starts to depend on these expectations from others.

Commitment requires sacrifice, and the key difference between seeing someone exclusively and being in a commitment is the former allows you to think of yourself first while the later requires you put this other person before yourself.

Regardless of the stage you’re at with someone at any point in time, if you stand any chance of progressing and making it last long term, you must never compromise the fundamental rules: reciprocity, communication, respect and trust.  

*Our Guarantee. The information we provide regarding other individuals is reliable to the best of our knowledge. Everyone has their identity, age and photos verified and is subject to public record background checks. If information we provide is found to be inaccurate we discount the match and try again. We cannot guarantee or promise a certain outcome or result from matchmaking or coaching. Nothing we say or do can be construed as a guarantee about the outcome of your experience. Our past or future comments about the outcome of your experience, potential matches, estimates of fees and time frames or our opinions are not guarantees. Actual fees and time frames may vary from the estimates given.